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I am an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist based in Andergrove, Mackay QLD.  The human body is made up of the mind, body and spirit.  All three must be in working order to achieve maximum health, wellbeing and life satisfaction.  Through my practice, I work with you to reach your full health potential by supporting the mind, body and spirit to heal naturally and work in harmony through various methods of Massage, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Mindfulness Coaching, Nutritional Coaching and Meditation.  I work with Babies right through to the elderly…



I’m a certified Massage Therapist specializing in a variety of treatment services including Remedial, Pregnancy and Relaxation Massage, Reiki, Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique.

My second passion is the power of mind and it's ability to heal our physical bodies, emotional health and create greater life satisfaction all through Mindfulness.

I am a qualified Mindfulness Coach offering Private Consultations, small groups, Workshops and Meditation.


Remedial Massage

One hour $80 Ninety Minutes $110 Thirty Minutes $45

Remedial Massage treatment aims at healing specific health elements of the client, from frozen shoulders, migraine / headaches, arthritis, lower back pain, sports injuries, stress, anxiety and more.  All tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage

One hour $90 Thirty Minutes $50

As a Mum of two gorgeous children I understand the needs of Pregnancy and Post Birth Massage first hand. 
This style is a perfect combination of Relaxation and Remedial Massage supporting Mother and Baby throughout the pregnancy and after birth. 
Complementary Baby Bowen Therapy is included for all Mothers who have had Pregnancy Massage.  Baby Bowen Therapy is a very safe, soft tissue therapy which supports Babies with conditions such as Asthma, Colic, feeding problems, vomiting, or simply unsettled to settle and restore.

Bowen Therapy

Forty-five Minutes $50

Bowtech the original Bowen Therapy by Tom Bowen is a soft tissue treatment designed to bring balance to the whole body and the emotional wellbeing of the client.  Bowen Therapy is safe for everyone from babies to the elderly.
Baby Bowen Therapy is a very safe, soft tissue therapy which supports Babies with conditions such as Asthma, Colic, feeding problems, vomiting, or simply unsettled to settle and restore.
The Bowen technique is done by simply performing a series of moves over the muscle fascia, then allowing the body to respond and process the information before commencing further moves over the fascia and so on….  The treatment generally takes from 45 minutes to 75 minutes for adults / children and 5 minutes for babies.

Mindfulness Coaching

One hour $70

Reduce stress, tension and anxiety by becoming present - learn to live with awareness for greater life satisfaction.


One hour $70

Reiki meaning “Universal Energy” works with the energy system of the body to restore health and vitality.  Reiki is channelled through the therapist to the recipient when they lay their hands on the client.  This energy flows naturally through and goes to the area where the client needs healing.  It can also be used effectively on plants and animals.

Workshops and Meditation

Balance Your Chi

Regular Workshops and Meditations are held at my rooms for small groups only, please visit my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mareenewmanmm/ for events information.  Larger groups or retreats can be booked for me to attend your event for Meditation or Mindfulness.

Relaxation Massage

One hour $70 Ninety Minutes $100

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and self care with the Relaxation Massage.  DoTerra Essential Oils are used adding the healing benefits of aromatherapy...

What we think is just as important as what we eat…
“You are not in the now, you are the now.”

Eckhart Tolle

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