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Meditation & Mindfulness

Setting positive intentions, Manifesting Desires...

Meditation and Mindfulness are both proven highly effective Therapies in the reduction of stress hormones, anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns and lack of fulfillment in life.  By practicing Meditation and Mindfulness, feelings of gratitude, relaxation, peace, calmness, oneness with self and greater life fulfillment are experienced....  

During my Meditations you will experience a form of Self Guided Hypnosis or Positive Guided Visualization where you are setting positive intentions, goals and manifesting this to happen in your reality.  You will experience ultimate relaxation, cellular healing, a feeling of wholeness and peace.  All this being tools you can walk away with and use in your everyday life to become a much happier, aware, healthier self.

Meditation Classes are run every Monday at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.  Class sizes are kept small therefore bookings are essential by contacting Maree on 0400444039. Cost is $10 for a 45 minute session.